Continental Airlines says Kalam is not exempt from frisking

"TSA (Transportation Security Administration of US Department of Homeland Security) requirements impose a final security check in the aero-bridge just before boarding the aircraft.

"This procedure is followed by all carriers flying to the US from most of the countries in the world and there is no exemption to this rule," a statement from Continental Airlines said in the wake of a furore over frisking of Kalam three months ago at the international airport here when he was going to US.

It said as all carriers flying to the USA, Continental Airlines must follow TSA requirements and procedures.

The statement said Continental Airlines was honoured and proud to have had a distinguished customer and "we hope former president Kalam has been pleased by our service".

"Security and custom service are key component for us at Continental Airlines. We believe that Dr Kalam was not offended and we would like to thank him again for flying with us," the statement said.

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