Bhatti takes break from politics for new comedy show

The funnyman, who founded his own political party, aptly named 'Recession Party' in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections, hopes to return with a bang in the next elections.

"Right now, it is the government who has to worry about recession. I have taken a break but don't worry my party will become active in the next Lok Sabha elections," Bhatti said.

One of the most famous TV comedians in India, Bhatti is currently busy with his new show, with which he hopes to recreate the magic of his hit serial 'Flop Show'.

The humourist will be taking a satirical look at the corrupt system in the show titled 'Thank You Jijaji', which premieres on SAB TV on August 3.

His wife Savita is also making a comeback opposite him in the show.

Bhatti said that he had done extensive research before making the 'delicate' relationship focus of his new serial.

"I decided to do some research on the delicate relationship of Jijaji and talked to people from different regions and I have come to the conclusion that jijajis hold an important position in our culture. We can not afford to offend them at any cost," Bhatti said.

The story is about an IAS officer, who is a terror for everyone in his office. However, he has a weak spot, he is helpless when it comes to handling his sister's husband. He tries his best to please his jijaji, who comes up with most outrageous demands, Bhatti, who essays the title role, said.

The actor, who became famous for tackling common man's problems with a humourous touch in his shows, not only aims at the complexities of the delicate relationship between a 'jija-saala' but also plans to show how connections are important to get your work done in government offices.

"I have tried my best to relate the comedy to real situations because I always believe that you can make people laugh without being loud. The message should be inherent in the story itself," the actor, who has set the serial in Chandigarh, said.

"We have auditioned from different parts of the country besides taking students from my own acting school. We have groomed them in Chandigarh, which has become a mini-comedy camp for the time being," the comedian said.

When asked about the absence of known faces from his serial, Bhatti said he avoided including known faces to retain the fresh appeal of the show.

"I am not saying that the present crop of comedians is bad but they have an image to live up to while you can mould the new ones," Bhatti said.

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