Agony continues as jumbo resists treatment bid

Agony continues as jumbo resists treatment bid

Despite the ‘hostile’ attitude of the pachyderm, the doctors are sparing no efforts to treat the animal. Fifteen bottles of IV fluid was administered to the jumbo to reduce inflammation and to treat pus-filled wound.

Since Tuesday, the tusker has not been able to stand up and it remained in water till Thursday when the officials of the Forest Department dragged it to the shore with the help of ‘Arjuna,’ a Dasara elephant. The only solace is that the tusker has been eating sugarcane and foliage given by the forest guards. But, it is not at all cooperating when it comes to treatment.

Dr Nagaraj told Deccan Herald that the tusker pushed its limbs when they went to give injection. This behaviour was expected as the elephant has grown in wild without any human contact. The jumbo was not allowing anybody to touch the wound on its limb.

Without examining from a close angle it was not possible to treat the animal.
Treating the tamed elephants is different than that of wild jumbos.

He said the jumbo may have suffered a fracture because of which it has not been able to stand up. The pus-filled wound gives lot of pain unless it is cleaned and dressed.

Surgeries have been conducted and steel rods have been fitted in the case of tamed elephants, but this was not possible in this case unless the elephant co-operated.

Permission of Principal Chief Conservator of Forests is necessary to tranquillise the wild jumbo for treatment. Besides, the department did not have expertise to take the X-ray machine to the spot to check the extent of damage caused to the bone. Lifting the jumbo from the spot and carrying it to the nearby elephant camp for further treatment is also a challenge. They need a crane to lift the jumbo and truck to transport it to nearby forest camp.

A senior forest officer said a team of doctors from Veterinary College, Hebbal in Bangalore is arriving on Saturday to treat the jumbo. Guards are looking after the  ailing jumbo.