Writer's Garden

Writer's Garden

Writer's Garden

I have some one!

I have some one
Who is always with me,
Who is with me forever
That is my Dad,
He is so good
He is so kind,
He is the one,
I like him a lot

R. Pavan Kumar
VIII ‘B’, Sri Kumaran’s School

A diamond of tears

As I sat on the cold stone
the air was filled with a loud wail
as tears ran down my cheeks
more louder became the wails
the memories of happiness
blew through me
and a little shiver ran through me
as  a diamond of tears
touched the ground
the night was filled with the
loudest wail
and there it lay in the darkness
God’s superior friend

Tara C. Babu
IV ‘B’ I.T.I. Central School

The lamp in the air

Oh look at the moon
she is shining up there
Oh Mother, she looks
Like  a lamp in the air,
Last week she was smaller
and shaped like a bow
but now she is bigger
and round as an O.

Umme Ayman
IV std.

God was BORED....

When God was bored alone
he decided to make a toy,
for fun and play
He collected some mud and clay
And set out to work on a shiny day
After taking lots of pain
he shaped out a tiny figure
and filled in it
many twigs and water
he even designed the exteriors
with eyes to see
a tongue to taste
a nose to breathe
and two hands and legs
to play and dance
He then gave him a unique and precious gift,
A brain,
and then set him free
to live in harmony with nature
and spread his message of love

Rhea Muthane, 9 B
Divine Providence, Belgaum


There Was An Owl

There was an owl
who lived in
an oak.
The more he heard,
the less he spoke;
the less he spoke,
the more he heard-
We all should be
like that wise old bird.

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