'Animal World' beckons many

'Animal World' beckons many

Exotic species of birds, cats, goats make concluding day of Pet Show a worthy visit

A young girl readies her German Shepherd for the contest . DH PhotoOrganised as part of the second day of Mysore Pet Show, species of birds, cats, rabbits, goats among several other domestic animals had their ‘day out’ here.
From the minimum of ` 250 to the maximum of over `  one lakh, animals carrying varied price tags were on display.


‘Cockatoo Greater Sulphur’ a species of parakeet was the cynosure of all the eyes- for being a highest money spinner for its owner-` 1.5 lakh.

“The princely amount it carries is not a matter of worry at all for animal lovers who patiently wait to own it”, said a breeder.

 And, the only one that was in the reach of common man (if he or she is a bird lover) was love birds available in a myriad of colours like white, green, yellow etc., sold between `  250 and `  500 per pair.  

For cat lovers, they had persian and siamese cats sold at ` 18,000 and ` 12,000 respectively. If you thought that the commonly seen pigeons were available for a song, here is a shocker.

Imported birds

These birds are imported and were offered from `  2,000 to  `  10,000 per pair. While English Budgerigar was sold at `  3,000 for a couple, Budgerigar was easy on pocket with just ` 150 for two.

As said ‘foreign origin’ always carries hefty price, African Love Birds were available at ` 5,000 per pair, followed by ‘Olive Fisher’ at `  2,500. Amid all these, there was a born singer.

‘Red pump’ popular as singing bird was sold at ` 10,000. However, the second costliest among all was Rubino Razzle at `  40,000.

Till late evening, the venue remained chock a block with bird lovers thronging the place in large numbers.

Dogs: Best in Show- German Shepherd, owned by Vishwas, Mysore, First Place, Dobberman, Anand, Hassan, second and Boxer, B P Manjunath, Karnataka Exhibition Authority Chairman, third place.

Birds- Niranjan Hegde, first place, Mysore, Mahesh Koti, second, Mysore and Javed, Mysore, Third place

Fish- Best Exhibit, Marine Aquarium, first, Aqua Exotic,second and Vet Pets, third place.
Cats- Harish, first, Imran, second and Mohammed Hamid third.

Goats- Mohammed Hamid, first, Maqsood Ahmed, second and Shekar, third.


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