Police dept seeks traffic wardens

Police dept seeks traffic wardens

Speaking to presspersons here on Tuesday, City Police Commissioner Seemanth Kumar Singh said the trained volunteers can regulate the traffic. They will be asked to lend a helping hand to the police force, when necessary. But they are in no way connected to the police department, for they don’t have statutory powers. They can only assist policemen and not take action independently.

“This will be purely a voluntary service. There is no restriction for becoming a volunteer in traffic. The main objective of this voluntary system is to work as a bridge between police and public in maintaining the free flow of traffic, to work along with the police during peak hours in their locality, to help the police during festivals and VIP visits or floods, to suggest plans for ensuring a free flow of traffic in city, to educate the public on traffic rules and regulations.”

He said every station will have such volunteers to help the police in controlling the traffic. They can voluntarily help the police for a period of one week or 10 days. They will have to look into the parking, no parking areas, nuisance caused by the buses and other traffic related issues with the help of the police.

The police department will think of issuing an identification to such volunteers. “We want the public to come and give us the suggestions and give a name to such volunteers who will be helping the police. The suggestions from the public will also be incorporated. We have already held talks with various voluntary organisations, Lions and Rotary Clubs” he added.

“We will think of a dress code which is suitable to the region other than that of khaki,” he said and added that the volunteers will be given training. Interested public can register their names with address and mobile number to the nearest police station.