Cocktail party invites wrath of citizens

A cow feeding on uncleared garbage in Mandya.   Dh photo  The question here is when the CMC has failed to provide basic amenities to its citizens, where was the need for hosting a party that too at the tax payer’s money.

They sought to know the ‘achievements’ of the councillors and officials for hosting the party.
The citizens flayed the CMC commissioner for his statement that “it was not a new trend as it has been in practice for the last five years”.

List of failures

* According to a survey by Third Finance Commission, the CMC has failed miserably in collecting the revenue and as per its report the pending revenue as on 31.3.2010 is a whopping Rs 633 lakh!
* Drinking water crisis at several parts of the city, in spite of the CMC holding a meeting to tackle the problem. The new layouts, which are said to be developed ones, lack UGD system.
* The unsolved garbage disposal and waste management, though the CMC has been allotting crores of rupees for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in city.
* Poor maintenance of city parks. The status of places identified as parks remains same even after eight years.
* People coming from surrounding places have to depend mainly on the private transport, as there are no sufficient government buses. The private bus stand too is situated on the land belonging to CMC, which has been collecting tax from the private transport owners for development, which is yet to be seen.
*  The stench emanating from the stagnant water near railway overbridge continues even after several complaints to the authorities concerned.
* The development of burial grounds which has been debated several times is still a mirage.
*  The monthly meetings that were held to discuss the ongoing works and to provide necessary suggestions has not yielded any results in the past three years.
*  The list for finding reasons for arranging the so-called celebrations by the babus is endless, ridicule the locals here.

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