Tales of techno speak!

Tales of techno speak!

For example, if Ravana from the Ramayana had a Game-Boy, or if Sita had a Samsung Corby Touch, I’m sure the entire legend would turn upside down! The legend goes that Sita went through fire to prove her purity. Well, if technology at that time was what it is today, she would’ve probably created a hologram of herself for the fire function!
If Krishna from the Maha-bharata had a Motorola Flip then he could have prank-called the Kauravas, pretending to be a god delivering the Kauravas’ sad fate (losing the battle). Then they wouldn’t even try to fight, they’d just surrender!

But if technology at that age was like that, then most likely today things would be so hi-tech that we’d all be living inside our computers, so it’s a good thing the Ramayana and Mahabharata were just the way they are!

Aditi Ramakrishnan

Gift of speech

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Christina. She used to work on a farm.She was a very hard working, but there was one terrible thing about her.She would say the meanest things when she got angry. She just couldn’t help herself. One day, while Christina was working, her master told her that he would give her a gold coin at the end of the day if she would stay calm and not say even one mean thing the whole day.

Christina agreed. Her friends on the farm tried hard to make her angry, so that she would say mean things and lose the challenge. But Christina was resolute. At the end of the day her master gave her the gold coin as promised. But he explained to Christina that she had been greedy. Christina realised her folly. From that day onwards, she kept a check on her temper and tongue, and was happier for it. God has given us the gift of speech, so we must use it wisely.

Siman Rana
Baldwin Girls High School

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