Keeping things simple

Keeping things simple


Keeping things simple

 FAITHFUL Devotees at the St Francis Xavier Cathedral.The Christian community across the City will observe Good Friday as a day of sacrifice and fasting. As a matter of faith, most people will eat only one meal a day or subsist on hot cross buns, made especially for the occasion.

Churches in the City have been holding services throughout the week. The week before Easter is considered as Holy among Christians and Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. On this day, people abstain from eating meat and all kinds of luxuries are given up. Good Friday is spent in the church and traditionally, no bells are rung on Good Friday or Holy Saturday until the Easter vigil. The ‘Station of the Cross’ and ‘The Crucifixion of Christ’ are an integral part of the church service.

Metrolife interacted with a few people in the City and asked them what Good Friday means to them.

Most people said that they spend their day in church and a few others said that they have one meal a day. It’s not a holiday or a day of rest, away from work but a day to be spent in introspection. Binny John, an employee with Collabera Solutions spends
his day in church. “I eat only one meal a day and attend the church service and the way of the cross. It’s a day to give up as much luxury as possible,” he said.

Chippu and his wife Annie have decided to take off work for four days but observe that spending Good Friday and Easter away from home is a different feeling altogether. They moved into the City only a few years ago, “Life away from home with all its hustle and bustle make it tough to adhere to the traditional ways but we usually have something very simple to eat on Good Friday and attend the church service. The mood is sombre,” said Chippu.

Bartholomeo Gomes, an IT professional, gives a philosophical twist to Good Friday. He says, “It's a day of reflection that as human beings we are mortal. We mull over the past and vow not to commit the same mistakes again.”