King of fruits to come cheaper soon

King of fruits to come cheaper soon

Season to feast on!

Delicious mangoes stacked in one of the shops. dh photo

The wholesale dealers in Mandi Mohalla and Devaraja market are already flooded with the early arrival varieties of mangoes like Tothapuri, Raspoori and Sindhura. The prices of these mango types are ranging between  ` 40 -  ` 60 depending upon the quality and the size. The quantity of the arrivals will only increase in the first week of May when the prices would get stabilised.  

“This year has been a good year. The yield of Tothapuri, Raspoori, Sindhura which come in the early mango season have increased compared to last year. Mango trees provide good yield once in two years.

Last year it was off season for mangoes, while this year it will be on season,” Raju B S, Managing Director of HOPCOMS, Horticulture department told Deccan Herald.  

According to him, there could be a short supply of Badam fruit as the produce was affected by ‘Powdery Mildew’ disease. Though, all the varieties were affected by the disease, the flower drop could result in low yield of the variety. The horticulture department expects two other major variety - Mallika and Malgoba to also flood the market in big numbers due to good yield, he said.


“The prices will stabilise soon when more supply start pouring in the wholesale market. Currently, the retail prices are hovering between Rs 40 - 50 on Raspoori, Rs 60 on Badam and Rs 30- 35 on Sindhura. the prices will stabilise below Rs 40 for all the varieties soon,” the MD remarked.

Nagaraj, Deputy Director of Horticulture said that the mango yield could be less than expected this year but would certainly cross the total output seen last year.

“The heavy rains in few parts of the region, including Mysore district hs resulted in fruit drop. But, it won’t have a significant impact on the prices as it was a “on year” season this year, the officer said.