Shanti Bhushan asks Chidambaram to make CFSL report public

Shanti Bhushan asks Chidambaram to make CFSL report public

In a letter to the Home Minister, Bhushan, who is also the co-chair of the joint drafting committee on Lokpal Bill, said the release of the report in "no way will hamper" the investigations as he was the sole complainant in the case.

A CD had circulated ahead of the first meeting of the joint drafting committee which had purported conversations between Bhushan and political leaders Yadav and Singh over fixing a judge. Bhushan had claimed that the CD was fabricated.

The first analysis done by Centre for Forensic Sciences Laboratory in New Delhi had said that the CD was genuine but Delhi Police sent it for a second opinion.

Bhushan said the investigating officer of Delhi Police had informed him that they cannot share with him the CFSL report of Chandigarh and other details as it will hamper the investigations.

"I find this strange. The report of CFSL, Delhi which declared the fabricated CD to be authentic and was not even able to detect a crude cut and past job, has already been released...," he said.

He claimed that the officer to whom the first CD was presented is awaiting confirmation in his post and he will have to be in "good books" of the authorities.

"Since I know that the CD is a fabricated one, he apprears to have given this totally incorrect report to ingratiate himself to them. The people of India may easily guess as to which persons are behind the smear campaign against the civil society members of the Lokpal Bill drafting committee," Bhushan said.

"Some people are perceiving, though this perception is not shared by me, that perhaps an effort might be on try to pressurise the CFSL, Chandigarh to change its report, and that is the reason to keep the report under wraps for so long," he added