When the Kings went shopping

When the Kings went shopping

Casual Look

The captain in question, Adam Gilchrist, had given the shopping expedition amiss due to jet lag.

Nevertheless, the show had to go on and the team entered with security men pushing all those around to make sure that not a soul touched or spoke to any of the cricketers while they shopped.

After much ado, the confusion between the scribes and the team managers was cleared and the boys finally got down to some shopping. From T-shirts, jeans, caps, to even belts, the players tried on everything.

There was even a make-up artist called for the event to give makeover for the boys. With foundation and lip-gloss on, the boys were sportive enough to talk about their new ‘casual look’.

Said Paul Valthaty on his make-over, “This is all new to me. I don’t feel all that different but I like it.”  Most of the cricketers love shopping for casual T-shirts and jeans. A large number of them said that they actually have a huge collection of T-shirts back home.

 “Off field, I love wearing T-shirts and jeans that’s more casual and comfortable. That’s why I picked up tees in colours that I don’t have,” said Praveen  Kumar, whose favourite combination is a white shirt and blue jeans.

Amongst the overseas players, Ryan Harris confessed that fashion and him don’t really get along. “I am not a big fashion guru but when I am out on tour, I try to carry light clothes and stick to comfortable wear. Rarely, do we get to go out and shop. So we tried to make the best of the time and picked up clothes for even people back home,” he added.