Those anxious moments

Those anxious moments


As it is the cap and gown time in colleges and universities in Bangalore, there is a sense of nostalgia among graduating students. Metrolife asks students in the City about their future plans and fears after graduation.

“Most people think of graduation as a happy time but it is also a time of anxiety and nervousness for many students. I am graduating this year and my future is still uncertain. I wish to get into a good university to pursue my MBA. I have given all the entrance exams and am hoping for positive results,” says Preeti Jain, a B Com student from Mount Carmel College. She adds, “There is also a lot of apprehension about getting into the corporate world.”

On the other hand, many students are confident about their future owing to the work experience and internships they have done during their course.

“I am confident as I have worked during my vacations and planned for the future. I am also mentally prepared even though it sounds scary,” says Neha K, a B Sc graduate from The International Institute of Fashion.

Then there is also the paranoia of getting jobs. While many students get
placed during the campus interview sessions, some feel that the jobs they get during these placements do not suit their profile and qualification.

Hence they are not able to take them up and have to go through the agony of applying
on their own.

“Many companies had come to our college for campus selections but most of them were call centres. Since my parents are strictly against me working in the night, I had to opt out of all the jobs I got in college. Finally, I had to apply on my own and got a job after a long gap of three months,” says Anisha Narang, a BBM graduate from New Horizon College.

Graduation is both an ending and a beginning. Even though students go through a lot of stress during this phase, they have to be confident.