The outdoors beckon

The outdoors beckon


The outdoors beckon

There is no greater delight than lazing in the garden on a cozy Sunday afternoon. There’s no underlining the importance of good outdoor furniture on such occasions.

Today, outdoor furniture comes in all shapes, styles, colours and price ranges.

You can get full sets of sofas, armchairs, coffee and side tables, barstools, benches and ottomans, apart from one-off signature pieces.

Patio furniture comes in all kinds of material today and outdoor fabric is better made than ever before, offering luxurious textures that were previously available for indoor use only. Aside from these basics, you can also get your hands on outdoor umbrellas and gazebos for your garden, making your outdoor experience absolutely fantastic.

The concept of outdoor furniture is catching on. It is no longer limited to the common perception of garden furniture that should be water resistant. Consumers are now looking at outdoor furniture using which they can make better use of their outdoor spaces like a balcony attached to the bedroom or living room, or a patio and terraces as well. Now more than ever, outside space is treated as another living area, especially if you are lucky enough to live in a climate where you can be outdoors almost round the year. “We offer furniture which livens up these spaces.

The latest from our stable is a hammock chair that can be used in a balcony. It can be adjusted to suit the dimensions of the room and can be teamed up with bright cushions. Also, bean bags make for great outdoor furniture pieces. Choose from the solid blacks or browns or go in for bright reds and blues. Not only can they be used in gardens, but also in the balcony,” says Shiv Nayak, Head (Operations), Reliance Living.

Zolijns has recently launched its exclusive collection of elite outdoor furniture from its Italian brands- Arflex, Frigerio Carlo and Fontana Arte.  One of Ebony Gautier‘s new launches is the Chili lounge chairs with a pronounced design element.

The newest design of the season comes in the form of triangular shaped lounge chairs that are youthful and add a dimension to the corners.

Clean lines, vibrant colours

India’s booming upper and burgeoning middle class is keen to spend and spruce up home spaces. Glass facades and balconies are an invariable design element in contemporary buildings. Most apartments look to merge outside and inside spaces seamlessly. “Because of the strikingly modern building lines, the trend veers towards clean and linear shapes.

Depending on the available size, clients are keen to re-create the entire indoor seating arrangement outside.  Woven synthetic fibre still holds a strong place because of the fact that it is maintenance free, and comes in all budget ranges and decor styles. Moulded plastic products are also very popular. Colours are shifting towards lighter shades and whites. Such furntiture is also available in strong, bright accent colours, such as oranges and yellows.

However, even though outdoor furniture has more clean lines, it does not mean that the entire space needs to be the same.  Juxtapose clean lined furniture with baroque or more traditional styles and your space will have an identity.

Outdoor lighting can make or break a space. From floor lamps to table lamps, from whites to coloured pieces, outdoor lighting becomes significant,” says renowned interior designer Fleur Xavier, Owner, Fleur Xavier Design Associates.  Consumers are experimenting with much bolder and vibrant colours.

“Fresh yellows and greens, as well as black and white are being used to make outdoor furnishings more attractive. Also stripes, geometrical prints, polka dots are all finding their way into outdoor furniture. Outdoor rooms are being created with an interesting interplay of deep seating sofas, coffee tables, bean bags and bright rugs.

Even recliners are finding a prominent place in the porch, more so in luxury apartments and villas,” opines Nayak. Makers of outdoor furniture are keeping the seasons in mind. Summer collections focus on bright colours and comfort, all while offering increased value.

“Accessories such as outdoor pillows offer budget-conscious shoppers an inexpensive way to update an old set of outdoor furniture.

“Red and yellow are key colours this summer, along with calming shades of green and blue.

The bright colours pop against another trend for the year—bright white frames. For greater comfort, new designs feature deep cushions, rocking and reclining action, and individualised seats where each piece of the set moves independently.   Few synthetics that mimic natural materials offer increased durability.

Lightweight, non-rusting aluminum frames that look like wood or wicker are also popular,” explains Anjum Jung, Managing Director, Morph Design Co.

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