'Sharma can be among the best'

'Sharma can be among the best'

Warne, who will retire from professional cricket after the ongoing fourth season of Indian Premier League (IPL), said Sharma has “all the talent in the world” to become a match-winner for India. 

“Rohit Sharma has got all the talent in the world, if he could just get his mind right and get his attitude right,” Warne told CNN-IBN in an interview.

Warne advised Sharma to take help from his senior team-mates at Mumbai Indians -- master blaster Sachin Tendulkar and fast bowler Lasith Malinga. 

“If his (Sharma) one thought was ‘I want to become the best cricketer I possibly can’. Every morning he woke up and try and talk to Sachin and ask him ‘Sir, if I could have lunch or dinner, How do you think about batting? How do you approach it in these conditions?’ Every minute of the day until Sachin says, ‘Mate can I have five minutes break?’ Be a pester to him,” said Warne.

“And when he is playing ‘Malinga how are you trying to get the batsmen out?’ He should do that every morning he gets up, ‘How am I going to become the best I can possibly be?’”

“He could be a match-winner, world beater and one of the best Indian cricketers ever, he has got that much talent.”

The Rajasthan Royals captain also praised Virat Kohli for establishing himself as a successful international cricketer in a short span of time.

“I saw Kohli in the first year and thought there is something about the kid. He could play the short ball well.

“There are not too many young cricketers in the world that have played just a couple of games and can play with so much comfort. You have to get into stride first,” said Warne.