Farmers expecting bumper ginger crop this year

Farmers may get Rs 75,000 to 85,000 for 50 to 60 kg ginger bags

Ginger crop on the banks of river Cauvery at Madapattan near Kushalnagar.  DH photo

In the backdrop of heavy demand for ginger, good market is also expected for the crop. The growers were quite disappointed due to price decline in the past three years, but now they look enthused at the attractive market existing in the current scenario.

A good quality ginger now costs Rs 1,400- Rs 1,550 per  bag of 60 kg. One can expect 50-60 bags of ginger from one acre land in six months, and the farmer can expect Rs 75,000-Rs 85,000 income for this. “I have spent Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000 for seedlings, cultivation, labour, manure etc. Compared to the previous years, the crop may come as a boon in the present year,” says Marur Naganna. Encouraged by good market for ginger in the last part of the previous year, the farmers have expanded their crops for more areas this year.

Some fields in Somwarpet which were being used for paddy and some other which were used to grow jowar have come up with ginger showing its popularity. Purchase centres of ginger have been started in Kudige, Hebbale, Guddehosur and others have already been started.

Ginger is being transported to Chennai, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and other far away place every other day.

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