Promising a laugh riot

Promising a laugh riot

funny A scene from Bheja Fry 2.

After the success of the comic caper Bheja Fry, comes the sequel Bheja Fry 2 that promises plenty of light moments. The film hopes to carry the crazy antics of Vinay Pathak to a higher plain on a much larger canvas than Bheja Fry – Part I.

Says a trade source, “Sequels are produced with the hope of the existence of a readymade audience. However, very few people understand that the film needs to have a strong connect and fan following — Bheja Fry has that potential. Audiences wanted a sequel right after the film released.”

This time, the good-hearted but not worldly-wise, tax inspector, Bharat Bhushan (Vinay Pathak) is back to fulfill his long-cherished dream of becoming a singer. To further his ambition, he enters a game show hoping to win a cash prize with which he can make his own music album. Eventually, Bhushan goes to win the competition which also gifts him a free stay on a cruise ship.

And there’s a lot more excitement during the shooting as well. It’s not very often that you have someone as lovely as Minnisha Lamba jump into a pool to save you. But Vinay Pathak had the honour of being saved by the beautiful lass.

While shooting on the five-star cruise, an interesting incident happened, one of the scenes required Vinay to fall into a swimming pool and struggle to get back on board.

Now it so happens that the actor does not know how to swim, and as luck would have it, the lifeguard on the cruise reports unwell. That’s when Minnisha volunteered to be Vinay’s lifeguard and came in to rescue him.

Knowing he is in safe hands, Vinay took the plunge. Says a source, “Vinay is petrified of water and did not know how to swim. The lifeguard wasn’t on duty and that made the situation worse.

That’s when Minnisha stepped in and volunteered to be Vinay’s lifeguard in an emergency situation. The team had a laugh and the scene was shot successfully.” Bheja Fry 2 is set to release in June.

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