Bold and confident!

Bold and confident!

Haute style

Six macho looks!

John Miller’s formal line has six looks for six different days of the week. And effort has been made to not only contrast the shirts and trousers but match the accessories to ensure that the wearer doesn’t fall short of variety.

“Most men are confused about what to wear to work every day and when it is formal wear, the wardrobe appears to be limited. Check shirts, the micro-checks and the bold checks are still in vogue. We’ve played around with the checks and paired them with sleek trousers,” explains Jagdeep Shokeen, head designer for Indus League, the umbrella organisation that houses ten brands including John Miller.

The Monday look has a micro check shirt with a slim trousers. “This is an ‘easy iron shirt’ where it takes little effort to press the shirt so that the fabric remains crisp through the day,” says Jagdeep. The Tuesday shirt is designed to look a little more stylish with bigger checks and it’s contrasted with textured trousers, which has an inherent sheen that makes sure the cloth doesn’t crumple. Wednesday is midweek and the style begins to change towards a more semi-formal look, so the collar becomes sleeker.

“For midweek, we’ve a bold check shirt with a slimmer collar. This is matched with a ‘super crease trousers’ wherein the sheen is retained. The crease in the fabric of the trousers makes sure that the trousers doesn’t crumple,” explains Jagdeep.

It’s a linen blend, half-sleeve shirt for Thursday which is paired with a crisp cotton trousers. Friday dressing is casual with a polyester-cotton blend shirt with a ‘sheen trousers’. “It’s check shirts with inner detailing at the cuff,” says Jagdeep.

You can’t really accessorise much with formal wear but what you can do is to make sure the accessories are matched appropriately and that nothing looks out of place. The shoes, sock and tie must fall in well.

Jagdeep thinks micro checks go with bolder ties and bigger check shirts and striped shirts look best with a plain tie. Slimmer ties are in and it makes the wearer look slim. As far as belts are concerned, Jagdeep observes the belt must end at the first loop of the trousers, “It would be ideal to go in for a reversible belt where one side is black and the other is tan in colour. It’s black belt for black trousers and tan for brown or a beige pants,” adds Jagdeep. He also insists that shoes must match the tone of the belt, “Shoes with laces are a must for formal wear. Loafers are a strict no. Pointed shoes are in, the rounded ones are out of fashion,” said Jagdeep.

Stainless steel watches, with chunky dials look great with a formal wear. Those with leather straps are perfect for a Thursday or Friday look. It’s light socks for brown or beige trousers and a pair of check socks for the darker shades. John Miller also has a range of auto adjust trousers with light elastic engineered at the waist to add to the comfort.

Pranay S P, final year BBM, CMR Institute of Management Studies wished to wear the Monday full-sleeved light blue, ‘easy iron check shirt’ with a slim fit trousers.  

Punchline: “The collection is stylish and easy to wear. It’s comfortable and what I liked the most was the fit, it’s perfect.”  

Price: Shirt Rs 1099 to Rs 1199
Trousers Rs 1199 to  Rs 1399

Abdul, II year MBA, Kristu Jayanti B-School, sported a bright blue, networking check shirt with ‘auto adjustable trousers’ meant for Tuesdays.

Punchline: “It’s smart and the range of colours are interesting. The shirt and trousers fit perfectly. Nothing is out of place.”

Price: Shirts – Rs 999 to Rs 1099
Trousers Rs 1299 to Rs 1499

Ramees, I year MBA, Kristu Jayanti B-School wore a Wednesday red formal check shirt with ‘super crease’ trousers.

Punchline: “The fit is near perfect. There are some great options but the trousers must be more fitted. It would be nice to include striped shirts as well.”  

Price: Shirts Rs 999 to Rs 1099
Trousers Rs 1399 to Rs 1599

Jahangir Nabi B, final year engineering, Brindavan College went for a semi-formal Thursday look with a half-sleeve light check shirt and matte trousers.

Punchline: “The shirt and trousers really transform the look of a person. There’s no doubt that the clothes are comfortable and stylish.”    

Price: Shirts – Rs 749 toRs 849
Trousers Rs 899 to Rs 999

Santosh Kumar Naik, I year MCA, New Horizon College of Engineering chose to sport a yellow linen striped shirt with cotton trousers, which is fine for Friday.

Punchline: “The yellow shirt with blue stripes is striking and the trousers fit perfectly. I would prefer to wear this more as a casual wear than a formal one.”

Price: Shirts – Rs 899 to Rs 999
Trousers Rs 999 to Rs 1099

Babak Kamyar, I year BSc (Biotechnology), Indian Academy teamed a purple striped shirt with a ‘super crease’ trousers as a relaxed Saturday wear.

Punchline: “I love the colour of the shirt. It’s more like a party wear. It’s wrinkle-free and easy to wear. The fit is perfect and the trousers are cut well.” 

Price: Shirts – Rs 899 to Rs 999
Trousers Rs 999 to Rs 1099

All the belts are priced between Rs 599 and Rs 1599.