'I have a long way to go'

'I have a long way to go'

Pure Percussion

A percussionist, composer and a singer, Vivek Rajagopalan, who recently performed in the City along with UK-based multi-instrumentalist Shri, feels that this is the right time for him to strike a bond with Bangalore.

“I had performed at Chowdiah Hall when I was 12. Thereafter, somehow I didn’t get an opportunity to entertain Bangaloreans. But, now I am keen to strengthen my relationship with the audience here. Next month, I am coming back with my band for yet another live concert which is really a good sign for me,” says Vivek.

Those who know Vivek through his earlier album, ‘Moving Images’, have some good news as the young musician has started working on his latest album, which is yet to be named.

“The work is still in its primitive stage. I don’t know how it will evolve. But I am working with violinist Embar Kannan and with one of the Rajasthani singers for this new venture. One thing that I can say at this point of time is that the new album will have a lot of music flavours from India,” he reveals.

Having played live on many international platforms, Vivek feels the ‘live music’ culture is yet to come of age in India. “In Europe, you need not be a popular name to have the auditorium filled. It is the quality of your music that matters than your name. So, even budding talents get a lot of encouragement. The situation is not the same here. Of late, though, world music has earned a lot of recognition and followers in India, things are yet to shape up on mass scale”.

Vivek can play multi-roles as a musician but he enjoys his role as a composer utmost. “Composing means a lot to me. It is how I look at things at that point of time. It is more of a self-expression. I have also composed commercial jingles where you work as per someone’s ideas. That is also challenging. But the real charm is in infusing musical power to your own thoughts.”

He wants to spread the music in him to the world and likes to play as much as he can. Vivek adores many musicians including Shri with whom he has been collaborating for many years. “The chemistry between me and Shri is outstanding. That’s why we have been successfully touring together for years. I  still have a long way to go in the world of music. I believe in dreaming and till now, thanks to the grace of almighty, I have been given more than what I dreamt,” he feels.