Showcasing the best of Britain

Showcasing the best of Britain

Beautiful place

‘VisitBritain’, Britain's national tourism agency announced the launch of its ‘Goodwill Ambassador programme’ in conjunction with its 'Britain You're invited' campaign.

Three popular faces from across Asia were chosen as the ambassadors, who would do their bit to popularise Britain.  Film-maker Karan Johar, Asian television presenter Asha Gill and Alex Hua Tian, a 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Event Riding candidate were introduced as ‘Goodwill Ambassadors’.

The three shared their experiences of Britain and how the country has influenced them in many ways. They said they were inspired by Britain — its parks, the monuments and countryside — all have a charm of their own.

Sharing his experience, Karan said Britain has a soul that celluloid cannot capture. He said there was something that was beautiful, opulent and humongous about the country. He recalled going shopping in London for one of his films, “I was asked if I was crazy to go and shop in London but I find that there are some things that are exclusive only to London. It’s expensive but you don’t get that kind of texture, quality and comfort shopping anywhere else,” he said.

He added, “No matter where you're from or what your likes and dislikes are, Britain has not just a little something, but a lot for everyone. Being a creative person, what I appreciate the most is the importance, respect, and attention given to the arts, be it West End Theatre, the museums, the art galleries, or individual street performers, we all have a place there.”

Asha Gill said, "Music is such a powerful voice in Britain. It is one of the best countries with a number of music venues that you can actually go to – from outdoor music festivals, to clubs or your local pubs – you're never short of a good night out, whether it's in the arts or the music world.”

Olympic Chinese event

rider Alex Hua Tian, who currently trains and lives in Britain, sees the destination as the home of his sport, ‘Eventing’.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to promote the best that Britain has to offer, and especially the thrilling sport of Eventing, which take place in the most beautiful settings throughout Britain. The 2012 London Olympics equestrian events are being held at Greenwich Park - what a wonderful location,”  he said.

Talking about the campaign, Sandie Dawe, the chief executive officer ‘VisitBritain’ said, “Britain welcomed over 366,000 Indian visitors in 2010. And there’s more room for people to come and visit the country. There’s a lot to be explored.”

She said that as part of the campaign there would be city volunteers in Britain who would guide tourists to their preferred destinations. This would be one of the many initiatives to make Britain more accessible to people.