Left parties flay Centre for hike in petrol prices

Left parties flay Centre for hike in petrol prices

Addressing the protesters outside DC’s office on Tuesday, CPM District Secretary B Madhava said that the petrol price hike directly shows the anti- people policy of the UPA government. “The hike was not done before the declaration of elections in five states.

It was done only after the elections. People should understand the hidden face of UPA through this calculated move,” said Madhava adding that the Centre has already hinted the possible hike in diesel, kerosene and domestic gas prices in future. With this the cost of all essential commodities will shoot up.

“The Centre is only bothered about safeguarding the interest of the capitalists,” he said adding that as long as Left parties had extended support to the UPA, the prices of all essential commodities were under control. But now that left parties are not there, the central government is behaving as per their will and wish.  “The actual cost of one litre of petrol is Rs 36 but the centre is imposing another Rs 35 to this in the form of various taxes.

The sales tax is very high in Karnataka when compared to other states. If the state slashes the sales tax, then the petrol price can be brought down,” said Madhava adding that the cost of petrol is Rs 66 in Kerala whereas it costs Rs 71 in Karnataka.  He challenged the State government to slash the sales tax on petrol and show that it is distinct and has concern for common man.

Madhava said that recommendation to bring in President’s rule in the State is incorrect. “The Centre should not try to topple the Yeddyurappa led BJP government in the State. The Congress should respect the democratic system and not impose President’s rule,” said Madhava recalling the incident of how CPM government was pulled down in 1958.