Warring heads share dais

Warring heads share dais

Political impasse:

The love-hate relationship between Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa and Governor H R Bhardwaj continued on Wednesday as both shared a dais, held hands, chatted and even hugged each other.

The diamond jubilee celebration of the Karnataka State Public Service Commission brought the warring chief minister and the Governor together. This was the first occasion when both came face to face after the fresh tussle began last Sunday. Yeddyurappa received Bhardwaj with a bouquet.

The Governor gave compliments to Yeddyurappa saying, “The chief minister is working very hard to build the State. I know he is working 18 to 20 hours a day.” However, he asserted himself while taking questions from the media.

“The chief minister is an elected representative. He has massive majority. Nobody disputes that,” Bhardwaj said.
The Governor said he and Yeddyurappa were friends and the political tensions were irrelevant.

“We have to dedicate ourselves to the Constitution and the laws. There is no partiality from my side. I have nothing against Yeddyurappa. I treat everybody with love and affection, and I expect them in
return,” he said.

Fight for principles

To a question whether he would resign if the Centre did not act on his recommendation, the Governor shot back: “I have already communicated my stand in writing. Let the constitutional authority decide.

I have discharged my constitutional duty by sending the report. I was only fighting for certain principles when I sent the report. I have been appointed for five years. I will complete my term.”

When his attention was drawn to the BJP’s demand to the Centre to recall him from Karnataka, Bhardwaj said he can’t be recalled by anyone except the President of India who appointed him.

He also said the Governor was the guest of the state, and that a guest is like a God according to Indian tradition.

BSY confident

Taking questions by media, Yeddyurappa said he was confident that the President and the Prime Minister would take an appropriate decision as his Government enjoyed majority in the Assembly.

He also said there was no change in the BJP demand for recall of Bhardwaj.
“We have 121 MLAs. What was the need to recommend for dismissal of the government,” he questioned.

The chief minister then met the Governor at the Raj Bhavan presenting him with a shawl.