BJP asks Rahul not to comment without ascertaining facts

BJP asks Rahul not to comment without ascertaining facts

"While being in opposition, we should be careful not to hurt the sentiments of people we are supporting...though atrocities have been committed against farmers, Rahul Gandhi has no right to insult the women and poor farmers of the area by claiming on TV that they have been raped," BJP spokesperson Syed Shahnawaz Hussain told a press conference here.

He said without carrying out proper investigations and ascertaining facts, Gandhi should not make such comments.

"His statement is an effort by Congress to make the fight directionless," Hussain alleged.

Taking a dig at Gandhi, he said the Congress leader should read out from a prepared text as he often fumbles even while participating in parliamentary debates. "He should read out from written text so that his (Congress) spokesperson does not have to defend him later."

When asked whether the incidents in Greater Noida were a perfect case for imposition of President's Rule in Uttar Pradesh, the BJP spokesperson said it cannot be expected as BSP chief Mayawati, and also the Samajwadi Party, always help the UPA when it comes to number game.

"Congress will encash the bond it has from the two parties," he alleged.

Asked whether BJP supported the demand of Congress for an independent probe into the violence, he said a joint Parliamentary team should investigate the matter to bring out the truth.

Commenting on the feedback BJP leaders have received from the residents of village Bhatta Parsaul, Hussain said while there had been incidents of atrocities, nobody has come forward with complaints of rape.

"If Rahul Gandhi knows that rapes have been committed, he should ensure that a case is registered in this regard. He should not go to the media with the allegations," he said.

Hussain said if Mayawati thinks Gandhi has made a misleading statement, then she should take action against him. But at the same time he hinted that it was not possible as "match has been fixed" between the two parties.

"Neither is Congress, nor Gandhi serious about the plight of the farmers. If at all he is serious, has the Centre issued an advisory to the state government under Article 355," he questioned.

He said the BJP was serious about the Land Acquisition Bill with amendments and would support it in Parliament. The BJP MP also scoffed at suggestions that Rahul's stand on UP violence was supported by party veteran L K Advani and young MP Varun Gandhi.

Hussain also attacked the UPA government for its alleged failure in tackling corruption and checking spiralling prices.

"Today, the government has completed 720 days. But they have nothing to cheer about... as corruption is on the rise and one of their ministers is in jail. They have failed to check prices...the Supreme Court has to interfere every day on various issues," he said.

Taking a dig at Home Minister P Chidambaram, he said ministers who are considered as efficient are making mistakes.

"On naming a person based in Mumbai in the list of most wanted handed over to Pakistan, he said 49 names are correct, so what if there is a mistake in one name," the BJP spokesperson said.