Seek refuge in god

Seek refuge in god

The time is perhaps propitious to recall some highlights of this magnificent incarnation of God in human form.

People confuse such mighty personages by projecting their own ignorance on to the Mahatma. Since ordinary individuals are embedded in name and form, they project similar body consciousness to the Sadguru, not realizing that the Sadguru is not the body, mind or intellect but the living embodiment of Pure Consciousness. Such noble ones cannot experience death as they were never born.

Sai had an attack of cerebral thrombosis on Guru Poornima in 1963.

He was in bed for eight days. The left side of his body was affected and His right hand had palsy; the tongue was indistinct and the face was twitching.

This did not prevent him from giving a powerful discourse. Being unable to speak, He sprinkled a little water over the affected
parts and cured Himself in a trice.

"For those who have no refuge, God is the refuge. That is exactly the reason why I had to take on the disease that one helpless devotee get.  Even in the previous incarnation at Shirdi, I had this responsibility This is My leela or cosmic play.”

Sai then revealed that He birth was a result of boons given to the Sage Bharadwaja by Lord Shiva and Devi Parvathi.

The divine couple promised to take human birth thrice. Lord Shiva as Sai Baba of Shirdi, Shiva and Shakti as Sri Sathya Sai at Puttaparthy and Shakti as Prem Sai Baba later.

As a result of the Sage having had to wait for eight days in the cold and ice to see Shakti, Lord Shiva had said: "As expiation for the neglect which Shakthi showed you at Kailaasa for eight days, this Shakthi will suffer the stroke for eight days, when we both take birth as Sathya Sai and on the eighth day, I shall relieve her from all signs of the disease by sprinkling water, just as I did at Kailasa to cure your illness."

“It was the working out of this assurance,” continued Sai, “that you witnessed today. This had to happen, this stroke and the cure. The assurance given in the Treta Yuga had to be honored.”

“Nothing,” concluded Sai, “can impede or halt the work of this incarnation. The splendor of this incarnation will keep increasing day by day. Formerly when the Govardhana mountain was raised by a little boy, the cowherds realized that Krishna was the Lord.

Now, it is not one mountain but an entire range that will be lifted. You will see! Have patience, have faith.”