Government schools plagued by poor infrastructure

Government schools plagued by poor infrastructure

The school buildings, particularly those in rural parts are in pathetic state. While some are dilapidated some badly require minor repairs. Some schools lack toilet. To top it, teachers are to be posted to some schools though the posts have been sanctioned.

Sanitation near school buildings has become a casualty in villages. Deposit of filth and water accumulation have rendered several playgrounds useless. Lack of school infrastructure apparently restricts the growth of children.

A ‘model’ school
A case is point is the Government New Model School near the new bus stand in the City. The road in front of the school has not been asphalated. A cloud of dust emanates each time a vehicle traverses the stretch. A garbage dump could be spotted near the school building. Residents in the vicinity said the road was dug up to take up underground drainage work.
However, after the completion of the work, the dug up road was not asphalated. As a result, rain water stagnates right in front of the school entrance.

No proper drains
There is neither any outlet for water as the road lacks stormwater drainage. The accumulated water provides a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes, endangering the health of students.

Statistics are doled out at the progress review meetings and the chairman of the meeting gives a clear direction to expedite the projects. The ground situation, however says another story.

An officer of the department of Public Instruction told Deccan Herald that funds have been released to construct classrooms and toilets at the schools.

He said all necessary infrastructure will be provided at the schools by the time they reopen. Heads of the institutions will be directed to ensure a clean surrounding near the school.