Four foreigners get 21-month RI for diamond robbery

Four foreigners get 21-month RI for diamond robbery

This was the first case to be disposed off by plea bargaining method in Maharashtra. Immediately after sentencing, the accused told the court, through their interpreter, that they should have been set free since they have paid compensation for the loss to the complainant and cost incurred by the state.

The court directed the police to take the accused away from the podium even as they repeatedly pleaded for leniency. Guerrero Lugo Elvia Grissel (24), Campos Molan Elias (39), Gonzalez Maldonado Mauricio (24) - all Mexicans, and Gutierez Orlando, a Venezuelan, were arrested by police after being detained in Dubai on an Interpol alert in August 2010.

They were accused of stealing the diamonds from an international jewellery show here. In January, they moved the court expressed willingness to enter into plea bargaining and accept the criminal charges against them provided they are handed down mild punishment (robbery attracts 7-year of jail).

The state government filed a report consenting to the plea bargaining. Thereafter, the court accepted the plea. According to the prosecution's report, the dispute was settled between the state and the accused on certain terms.

The report said the complainant (the diamond owner) has claimed he had received Rs 55 lakh from the accused towards compensation for satisfactory settlement of the case. A cost of Rs 5 lakh was paid by the four to the state towards the expenses incurred and the diamonds were recovered at the instance of accused, it said.