Undertrial runs out of luck after securing bail 17 times

Undertrial runs out of luck after securing bail 17 times

"I find that undertrial Sharma had already been granted interim bail on the ground of his wife's illness for seven times," Additional Sessions Judge T R Naval said, dismissing the bail plea of Raj Kumar Sharma.

While denying relief to the accused, lodged in a city prison and facing trial for his alleged role in a grave penal offence, the court also noted that between October 2008 and April 2011, Sharma had already secured bail 17 times on "various grounds, including illness of his wife, his own illness and for other works".

The court denied him the bail, tersely saying his sons were there to look after his ailing wife Rekha Sharmaher.

Confident of securing bail for the 18th time, Sharma had moved court the day he surrendered before it to be taken into custody after the expiry of his bail on April 26.
When his plea was rejected on April 29, an undeterred Sharma moved the court again seeking bail.

The court noted that his bail plea had "intimidating" names of various diseases that he claimed his wife was suffering from and he needed bail to be by her side, arrange finances for her treatment and take care of her.

"Interim bail has been prayed by Raj Kumar Sharma for a period of one month on the ground that his wife Rekha is an old patient of diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney problem, seizure disorder problem, heart problem, slip disc problem and other gynaecological problems.

"Besides this, she has been suffering from urinary tract infection with left side hydronephrosis, dyslipidemia and other diseases," the undertrial said in his interim bail plea.

The judge said that to add due weight to his plea, Sharma annexed his application with all the relevant medical records, prescription from various doctors and hospitals, pathological test reports etc.However, the court again dismissed his plea.

"Keeping in view the above reasons, discussion and nature of the case in which Sharma is under judicial custody, I do not find any ground for releasing him on the interim bail. Therefore, application is dismissed," the judge said.