City to host All India Dog Championship in Aug

City to host All India Dog Championship in Aug

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A lady bathing dachshund breed of dog at ‘Pet Spa’, in Mysore on Sunday. Dr C S Arun, KEA Chairman B P Manjunath and others are also seen. DH photoThe Mysore Kennel Club (MKC), Bangalore which is affiliated to the Kennel Club of India (KCI), Chennai has proposed to hold the mega event in Mysore for the first time.

“Usually, the event was held in Bangalore. But, this year we have decided to hold the event in the cultural capital. Of late, there has been a positive sign in dog breeding in city. There are more enthusiasts than ever before who are opting for the protection of pedigree and are the proud owners for many good breeds of dogs,” D T Jayaramaiah, Hon Secretary of Mysore Kennel Club (MKC), Bangalore told Deccan Herald.

In a run up to the big event, the MKC organised a dog registration camp at the Veterinary Hospital in the city on Sunday.

About 40 dogs were registered with the KCI, Chennai as the dog lovers thronged the venue.

The registration involved injecting a microchip into the dog for giving it an unique identification number with other pedigree details.

The chip will carry the information on dog ownership, the breed and information on pedigree. The registration with KCI will be mandatory for the dogs to make them eligible to participate in All India Dog Championship, says Jayaramaiah.

“Every dog will be screened for the registration and pedigree details using a scanner during the championship. A scanner will read the chip which is permanently fixed in a dog,” he adds.  The other important benefit of the registration will be that the owners can track their dogs if it is lost.

The chip can read the location enabling the owners or kennel club trace the location of dogs. According to statistics, there are more than 100 dogs in Mysore registered with the KCI, apart from many others who have registered directly in Bangalore and Chennai.
The number of unregistered dogs could be almost double, said sources.

For more details on the registration and the event, contact Jayaramaiah on Ph: 9448643250.

Now, a spa for pets!

While pets often offer us their undivided attention, the time has now come to payback by pampering it with a luxurious day at the spa.

‘Pet Spa’, a first of its kind facility, inaugurated on Gokulam Main Road, here on Sunday, will provide professional counsel on how to make pets more healthy, offer advise on exercises and even provide a customised diet.

The spa offers services in cleaning the pets and also gives a pedicure. Pets including cats, dogs and rabbits will be given spa services here.

Karnataka Exhibition Authority (KEA) Chairman B P Manjunath, also a breeder, dedicated the facility. Chithkala Arun and Dr C S Arun were present.

Pet food for dogs and cats was also displayed at the opening of the clinic.