Cheers for 'Serio'

Cheers for 'Serio'


innovative Students working on the project.Gone are the days when parents had to run, huffing and puffing, holding the back of a cycle as their little kid tried to get off the training wheels to ride like a grown-up. The students of PES Institute of Technology have come up with a novel solution to relieve exhausted parents and rookie riders from their worries. Anthony Joseph, Manasa Manjunath and Aliasgar Eranpurwala, three final year students of mechanical engineering, have invented a self-balancing device called ‘Serio’. Meaning steady in Italian, ‘Serio’ helps new riders balance a two-wheeler. 

“Two wheelers cause the highest number of accidents after heavy, goods-carrying vehicles. Most of these accidents are caused due to a loss of balance and control. Keeping this in mind, we have decided to work on this device,” says Manasa.
The device can be fitted onto any two wheeler’s front fork. Whenever the vehicle tilts or is on the  verge of falling over, the device turns the front wheel in the direction of the fall thereby creating a balance.

 “It does not upright the vehicle but gives some more time to the riders to steady the vehicle or put their feet down and not fall. Hence, it helps the rider hone his or her balancing instinct,” explains Anthony.

As of now, the device is fit on a cycle to demonstrate its effect. The concept can be extended on to a two-wheeler too. The total cost of the project is Rs 40,000 including research and development. The project is the brainchild of Zubin Jagtiani, CEO of Sealtite Dichtungs Pvt Ltd.

Being the external guide, he encouraged the students and bore all the expenses required for the project. Jyothsna K Moorthy, a lecturer in the mechanical engineering department, guided the team members with ideas and concepts.

The project was done as part of the final semester curriculum in fulfilment of the academic requirement under VTU. The team members are now preparing for the final presentation and making the best efforts to get patent for ‘Serio’.