Telugu culture on a platter

Glory of Andhra

Telugu culture on a platter

 The members of the club.

The weekly meeting of the Rotary Club of Bangalore, held recently, transformed into a celebration of Andhra history, its culture and cuisine.

The 43 Telugu members of the Club, along with their families, welcomed their fellow Rotarians with flowers, sandalwood paste, ‘attar’ and bangles.

They entertained the assembled gathering with music, dance and pageantry, interspersed with interesting information about the history and achievements of the people of Andhra Pradesh.

In the retrospective on the glory of the Vijayanagar empire; Krishnadevaraya, musician Annamaya, and the poet Tenali Ramakrishna were reincarnated before the audience and their feats extolled.

Following a traditional ‘Sankranti’ song gracefully interpreted in dance by a bevy of Andhra ladies of the Club, the focus turned to heroes of the Independence struggle.
Alluri Sitarama Raju, Sarojini Naidu and Dr S Radhakrishnan strode the stage, reminding all of their contributions.

The rousing strains of a patriotic song saw senior Rotarians, accompanied by their grandchildren, marching proudly through the hall.

The evening took a whimsical turn with an ‘interview’ of an animated N T Ramarao. The film theme continued with a spirited modern dance by the youngsters.

In the end, the imposing figure of Gatotkacha invited all to partake in a feast of Andhra delicacies.

The Rotary Club of Bangalore, the oldest and largest service club in the City, is currently celebrating its Platinum jubilee year.

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