Legislators on self-spending spree

Our netas are liberal when it comes to spending on themselves. Even the current recession doesn’t matter.

The Assembly on Wedneday passed a bill which has made provision for a significant hike in salaries, perks, allowances and pension costing the exchequer Rs 17.34 crore per annum.

The Karnataka Legislature Salaries, Pension and Allowances (Amendment) Bill 2009 which envisages increase in monthly salaries, telephone allowance, a near four-fold hike in constituency allowance besides a three-fold hike in pension was passed by the Legislative Assembly without any debate. The legislators also approved themselves a three-fold increase in pension. Piloting the bill, Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Suresh Kumar said the bill proposes to enhance salaries of Legislators from Rs 8,000 per month to Rs 10,000 per month. The Bill was passed without any debate.

Hike in salaries

With the passage of the bill, each of the 225 MLAs and 75 MLCs will be getting a minimum hike of Rs 22,000 per month in salaries, perks and allowances.  
The Bill also envisages providing status of the Government Chief Whip to the Opposition Chief Whip.

What they stand to gain

* Salaries of the Legislators from Rs 8,000/ month to Rs 10,000/ month
* Telephone allowance from Rs 7,500/month to Rs 10,000/month
* Constituency allowance from Rs 3,500/month to Rs 15,000/month
* Postal charges from Rs 1,000/month to Rs 4000/month
* Salary of room boy from Rs 2,000/month to Rs 5000/ month
* Enhancement in pension from Rs 5,000/month to Rs 15,000/month and maximum pension from Rs 10,000/ month to Rs 25,000/month.
* Payment of family pension for life of the dependent of the member
* To reimburse actual travel expenses to the ex-members in I class/II class A/C for journeys by train to a maximum of 35,000 km.
* Increase of salary of the Deputy Chairman, Deputy Speaker and Government Chief Whip from Rs 8,000/ month to Rs 10,000/month and the sumptuary annum

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