Money goddess


It was one of those vivid memories of childhood. Mom took all of us to the Lakshmi Pooja. Amongst the flowers and eatables for offering, there were also plates of gold jewels, coins and bundles of currency notes. The reason for the host’s insistence that strangers were strictly disallowed became clear once we saw the riches on display.

Memories of how mom exchanged a bagful of small changes for brand new currency bills are still fresh. The fact was, mom used to be crazy about collecting new notes irrespective of their denominations. That was one of many rituals mom was hell-bent on doing. Of course, she also liked seeing new notes stacked up in the bureau vault, probably trying (in vain) to emulate the rich neighbours who called her for their special poojas.

That was two decades ago. In that period the obsession for collecting new currency notes has shrunk hopelessly to a few. “Oh yes, your technology has changed the whole world upside-down. So why should the currencies be spared?” mom fumed once, as she received a bunch of half-decent bills drawn from the nearby ATM.

Mom’s tirade against technology triggered a mental picture of how special poojas can be conducted now. Oh yes, there can be those same kind of flowers and eats, but currency notes and coins can be replaced by ATM and credit cards. In the place of jewels, there can be the keys of safe vaults in which they are stashed. In these days of insecurity, don’t you think that would be a good idea?

Of course, if you want to make things even simpler, you may perhaps move your computers and laptops in place of those colourful cards! Why, aren’t we doing transactions through the internet these days? Oh no, sorry, that may not be a good idea, since most of us also keep the same comps and laptops for Ayuda Pooja. Besides, we shouldn’t allow technology to confuse the goddesses.

Easy to write these things, but not the kind of things to share with aging moms, who may go furious at the slight mention of technology, leave alone making fun of the money goddess.

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