Builders, apartments killing Subramanyapura lake

Builders, apartments killing Subramanyapura lake

Pollution, debris choking the once pristine water body

Builders, apartments killing Subramanyapura lake

neglected: The Subramanyapura Lake has been reduced to a dumping yard. Dh Photo

As that was not enough, a private housing society is dumping debris into the lake to widen the tank bund for its convenience.

A mere three years ago the lake was known for its crystal-clear waters, but many private multi-storeyed apartments that came up in the vicinity dealt it mortal blows, letting untreated sewage directly into it, making it the most polluted water-body in the City.

The lake is full of water hyacinth and other weeds and the water stinks to high heavens.
Environmentalist Leo Saldanha of Environment Support Group said he had complained to the pollution control board and Lake Development Authority, but to no effect.

“There is a conspiracy to kill the lake systematically so that the land sharks can grab it. The government authorities too have turned a blind eye to the rampant encroachment around the lake,” he said.

According to him, water hyacinth grows in the lake only if sewage is let directly into it.
He held the builders responsible for the pathetic state of the lake for not treating the sullage and letting it directly into the lake.

The concerns of local residents over the pollution of the lake are now intensified with the dumping of truckloads of soil into it by the builder of a residential project coming up on a hill adjacent to the lake.

When contacted, BBMP Chief Engineer (Lakes) Satish said he had received complaints and would inspect the lake shortly.