A world of melodies

A world of melodies


A world of melodies

Soulful: Ustad Naseeruddin Saami

Saami, the legendary khayal vocalist from Pakistan, made the audience have a different experience altogether. H R Bharadwaj, the governor of Karnataka, was also present with his family and enjoyed the performance thoroughly.

Before starting his performance, Ustad Naseeruddin Saami expressed his immense pleasure. “I am thankful to SPIC MACAY for inviting me to perform in India. I can’t explain in words how much love I have been receiving here,” he said. Saami, who belongs to the Delhi Gharana, is popularly known as Dilliwale in Pakistan and performs all the elements of classical music like khayal, thumri, sadra and kajri. The artiste showed his versatility in khayal, thumri and sadra in the concert and also presented his own style of singing, Shudh Bani.  Ustad began his concert with Raag Yaman and expanded it in a beautiful way. Next he presented Ye Man Aman Se Hain, which succeeded to enthral the audience.

Later, he performed sadra which was liked by all for its liveliness. Up next was thumri wherein the vocalist chose Jaun Wari Mein Woh Piya Ki Jagah. The devotional genre of semi-classical Indian music revolved around a girl’s love for God.

The concluding performance of the evening was Saajan Yeh Math Jaaniyo. Saami presented the musical piece with full dedication and involvement. This piece got much appreciation among the audience. His son Mohammed Urooj Khan accompanied him with vocal support and taanpura. Ustad Sajjad Ahmed was on harmonium, Ustad Asif Ali Khan on sarangi and Pandit Vinod Lele on tabla.

H R Bharadwaj said that Ustad Naseeruddin Saami proved that music has no boundaries.
“I am so privileged to be listening to the great singer. Though India and Pakistan are separated by a physical boundary, we share many things in common in terms of spirituality, music or any other fine art. Muslim emperors had made a great contribution to Indian music, art and architecture,” he said.

“I am a great admirer of Sufi music. Whenever I hear the qawwali songs of Jodha Akbar, I go into a trance-like state,” he said. The event was conducted as part of SPWHAY (Society for Promotion of World Heritage Amongst Youth) which aims to inspire the youth and provide them an opportunity to witness art forms and rich cultural heritage from across the globe.