Monsoon miracles in Charmadi

State Highway 75 passes through Charmadi Ghat, which connects Mangalore and Mudigere (in Chikmagalur district). The Charmadi Ghat has a unique place in the world map as it is a rich biodiversity spot with a variety of rare medicinal plants and endangered animal spicies in the world.

But for a nature lover, Charmadi is just a bundle of boundless natural beauty. This beauty of Charmadi increases into a greater level during monsoon. In fact, you will run short of words to explain the nature’s bounty. The urban residents who are frustrated of noise and all kind of pollution will get a heavenly experience when they visit the region.

It was early morning when we left for Charmadi from Ujire (8 km from Dharmasthala). Sun beams were yet to reach the earth. The place was covered with fog. We could hardly see anything. Road curves looked just as black snakes in front of us. The fast moving vehicles were disappearing within a flash into the foggy world. Our digital cameras could not capture anything but fog.

The real beauty of Charmadi lies in its small waterfalls. Most of them which are beside the highway come alive only in rainy season. Different varieties of forest flowers and colourful butterflies and many other nature’s wonders add colour to the beautiful green cover.

When you reach the top of Charmadi Ghat you can find a milky waterfall in between the thick forest. Though it appears to be near, it is quite far. In fact, this waterfall sparkles in between the green wonder.

The real beauty of Charmadi can be seen only during in rainy season. Visit the place before the season ends to refresh yourself.

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