Taste of Indian medicine for Chinese student

Ting Teck Hing

There are varieties of scholarly theories regarding the origin of the land. In Hindu scriptures like “Manusmriti” and “Mahabharata,” the Sanskrit word “Cina” is used to refer the area that is located in the Tibeto-Burman border land, that is in the east of India. 
Another story tells that the word “China” originated from the word “Yelang,” an ancient kingdom, is now what is called “Guizhou” in China. The inhabitants of Yelang called themselves as “Zina”.

As per the available archaeological evidences, the early hominids in China date from 2,50,000 to 2.24 million years ago. The earliest evidence of modern human in China comes from Liujiang County at Guangxi. Here a skull was found dated approximately 67000 years old. The Qing dynasty was the last dynasty in China that lasted till 1912.

However the Communist Party of China led by Mao Zedong took the control of the mainland China in 1949 and democratic dictatorship in the form of “Peoples Republic of China” was established.

Hundreds of ethnic groups existed in China and the largest ethnic group in China is “Han”. “Mandarin” is the language spoken by more than 70 per cent of the population.
Ting Teck Hing from this wonderful land of ancient civilisation is before us unravelling the experiences of his one year stay in India. He is a first year MBBS student studying in KMC, Manipal. Excerpts from the interview….

Why did you prefer India for your studies?

I have come across many people in my home town who had studied in KMC, Manipal and was inspired by their stories of xperiences. They acquired wonderful experiences and greater knowledge during their course of study.

How do you find the fee structure over here in India compared to your country? How is the quality of education here?

Very much the same. I don’t find any major difference. The education quality is good. Quality education is imparted here besides all sorts of assistance by the faculties.

Tell us something about India that you have observed?

India is very interesting. We have lots to learn. There are many more amazing things about the people in India. Their survival, way of life, behavior, attitude towards work besides many other things. It is really a nice peaceful country.

Which are the places you visited in India?

I have visited Mangalore and beach spots in and around Udupi and Manipal. I just go to sea shores for relaxation. I liked all the places that I have visited. I am planning to visit Delhi during vacation.

What are your experiences interacting with people over here?

People are good and they help you a lot. They are cooperative and polite. They are for you whenever you have troubles. Moreover, it helped me to become more independent.

Did you have any tough time during your stay in India?

Not really. However I have tough times only during exams. It is a big head ache with tension.

How do you find Indian dress and Indian food?

I like the way of dressing. It is charming and enhances the beauty of the person who wears it. Food in India is delicious. Almost all items are very tasty.

How is family values practiced in China and what makes India different from China in terms of customs and traditions?

We people in China respect elders and aged and simultaneously parents take care of children until they are self-reliant. I think it is similar in India also. Especially one child norm in China has made parents to be over protective towards their children. We have Buddhists, Christians and also Muslims in China. They have their own tradition and culture. I have very less knowledge about Indian culture.

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