Set for an exciting phase of life

Set for an exciting phase of life

Making Plans

Enthusiastic: (Standing) Ryan, Faraz, Syed, Zain, Ayub, Diya Dinesh, Taskeen. (Sitting)  Luqman, Mukhtar and Sadiq.

But for the first year students, it is a tough phase as they make the transition from school to college. Such was the case with the students of Cathedral Pre-University College as they stepped into a new campus. Metrolife caught up with a few freshers to find out about challenges they faced on their first day and their future plans in the college.

The first day in a new college is synonymous with crossing a milestone and freshers are bound to feel overwhelmed by this. They have to come to terms with the fact that for the next two years, they are going to be college students while just a few months back they were enjoying all the perks of being in high school. This truth coupled with the fact that they have to go through the process of finding new friends all over again, is pretty unnerving.

For Deepa and her newfound friends Mahalakshmi, Divya and Samjyuktha, it was the same experience. Says Deepa, “When we came here, we were surrounded by new faces and didn’t know what to do. But then as we started to interact with each other, the tension seemed to ease away. I am happy that I have found four friends here, and I am sure we are going to be best of friends forever.”

Her friends too shared the same sentiments. For Sam­jyuktha, it was a learning experience. She says, “I am from Trichi and I do not know Kannada at all. I was praying that I would get a friend who is from Tamil Nadu too. But I feel lucky to have found these friends here.”

Apart from making friends, another thing these students had to deal with was interacting with the seniors. They came in with the mindset that they would be ragged by their seniors but they were proved wrong. Says M D Ryan, a commerce student, “I know ragging exists in most colleges and thought that here also it would be the same. On the contrary, our seniors were extremely friendly and helpful.”

This enthusiastic batch is very keen on making their first year in college as memorable as possible by taking part in all the activities that the college would organise. Says Mukhtar, a science student, “I am a huge football fan and I would really like to be a part of the football team in college.” Ryan adds, “I want to be in the basketball team. Apart from sports, I would like to join NCC too.”

When it comes to studies, these students do not want to lag behind either. Says Saniya, a science student, “As we have seen, everything here is done very methodically. So we have nothing much to worry about. Moreover, there is a certain amount of freedom we seem to get here which makes learning very enjoyable too. I am really happy to be a student of this college.”

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