Guests 'hired' by groom spoil the party

Wedding tamasha

It all started when Vishnu Kumar Mishra, a resident of UP’s Sitapur district, fell in love with Seema Chauhan of Ambedkar Nagar district. After a brief affair, the two decided to marry. There was a catch, however. Mishra was a Brahmin while Seema belonged to a different caste. Fearing rejection from Seema girl and her family, Mishra did not reveal his true caste.

Mishra, in a bid to marry his love, told Seema’s family that he also belongs to the same caste, resulting in the family’s approval for their marriage. The next hurdle Mishra faced was of getting the wedding guests.

There were chances of him getting exposed if he included fellow villagers or his relatives as his guests. Consequently, he hired guests from different places. Those hired put up certain terms and conditions, which stipulated that they would be served with liquor and also be given some money for attending the wedding. In exchange they would pretend to be the groom’s friends, relatives and people from his village.

Liquor denied

The groom, accompanied by “baratis” (wedding guests) reached the bride’s village on Thursday. Everything went according to the plan till next morning and the marriage was solemnised. The “hired guests” were well entertained with liquor until now.

The next morning the guests demanded more liquor and asked Mishra for money.  Mishra promised to offer money after his “bidai” (when bride leaves with the groom) but they did not relent.

The guests then revealed Mishra’s true caste to the bride’s family after which Mishra was thrashed and held hostage for hours before being handed over to the police. The hired guests escaped.

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