Sri Lanka military says real video of Channel 4 visuals found

"This video obtained by a private TV station shows the brutal killings of soldiers by the LTTE," military spokesman Major General Ubhaya Madawela told BBC.

He said the real video's footage carry Tamil conversations opposed to the Sinhala conversations in the Channel 4's doctored video.

"We know many of our soldiers were taken captive by the LTTE during the war. Only a very few of them were handed over via the ICRC," Madawela said.

"Now we can think that those who are shown being shot and killed are those soldiers who to date remain missing," Madawela stressed.

He said the private channel which carried the real footage had handed the tapes to the Army for verification.

British TV station channel 4's documentary 'Sri Lanka Killing Fields' aired in the UK carried gruesome pictures of executions of LTTE cadres at the hands of government troops.
Sri Lanka dismissed the documentary as an attempt to discredit the government through a fake video.

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