Trendy jewellery collection

Trendy jewellery collection

CoEarrings on display. lombian emeralds surrounded by small, brown rose cut diamonds dangling around beautifully would instantly draw the attention of any woman towards them. Bharathi Raviprakash, a jewellery designer from Chennai, presented  her exclusive collection of ravishingly designed jewellery with diamonds, and precious rare gems at a special exhibition in Bangalore.

Bold and individualistic, Bharathi’s trendy collection of gem-studded jewellery, reflected the personality of the wearer, and is well-suited for all age groups. The collection on display had exquisite necklaces, rings, earrings, bangles and bracelets for women, as well as cuff links for men. She had floral and animal series too as part of her collection, which were in the form of tulips, roses, parrots tigers and many more. She also had a unique set on cobble stones which she said was inspired from the cobble stones on the streets. Part of her collection was also associated with Mughal style jewellery.

Bharathi said, “My collection is an amalgamation of many things. It also has  organic series like wood, pearls and corals. I design for every individual and I try to bring out their individuality.”  

Bharathi is involved in every part of the jewellery-making process. Starting from sourcing the stones and laying down the design, to working with her craftsmen till the end product is miniaturised.

She caters to the growing demand for custom designed jewellery. In the jewellery collection, the focal point is always the precious stones that she uses, rather than the metal they are set in.

For her, gold, platinum or silver are just the means to suit the stone being used and keeping in mind the client’s preferences.

She does not value the metals any less, but strives to give the gem its true place by using only top quality stones that are on a par with the rest of the world. Her designs reflect this feature.

Raveena,  a visitor said: “The collection is nice and everything displayed here looks attractive and I feel like trying everything out. I also like the charm bracelets as well as the double finger rings. They are so unique.”