Norway killer was interested in hunting, bodybuilding

Norway killer was interested in hunting, bodybuilding

"Hang him", "rot in hell", "death penalty", "the most hated person in Scandinavia", they said.

A single search on Facebook for Breivik showed up almost 150 results by Saturday evening, consisting of pages, groups, events -- all condemning the barbaric attacks carried out Friday.

"Die in hell you b******.", You murderer pshyco! I hope you rot in there.", "Death penalty...must die." Most of the posts were of this nature or a level more abusive.
Breivik, who is believed to belong to rightwing extremist groups in eastern Norway, gunned down children on the island of Utoeya and detonated a bomb in Oslo Friday.

Though the gunman's own Facebook account seems to have been taken down, reports say he had described himself as a Christian and a conservative. His interests were listed as hunting, body building and freemasonry, according to the Norwegian media that accessed his Facebook account before it disappeared.

His single Twitter post on July 17 reads: "One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100,000 who have only interests."

Outraged by the attack, many netizens said this was proof that no one religion could associated with terror.

"Proved, Muslims are not terrorists, sick-minded men in each religion turn this world into hell....," read a message on Facebook.

Kelvin John Engels wrote: "This guy was a sick, and then took high consequences, it spilled over, now he's mad sick deserves to pay dearly for all he did. and now, many families are crying because they lost someone, while we say he can't continues to jerk around. he shall pay off and very expensive"

Kira Lynge Andresen wrote: "I hope you will get what you deserve! R.I.P from Denmark. Killing so many innocent, proud now?"

"May all prisoners have a long time a lot fun! Hope your dying will last a long time!!!" said another hate message.

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