Prez has assets worth Rs 2.49 cr

Prez has assets worth Rs 2.49 cr

Prez has assets worth Rs 2.49 cr

Decision to reveal the details about her movable and immovable property was taken by the President after Deccan Herald first reported the inability expressed by Central Information Commission to direct President’s secretariat to disclose the details of President’s assets under the RTI Act.

The transparency panel had made this observation while deciding an appeal by noted RTI activist Subhash Chandra Agrawal seeking information about President’s assets.

The President, who has completed four years in office, posted the details of the immovable properties worth Rs. 83.83 lakh and movable assets worth Rs. 1.66 crore on her website.

Details about President’s property can be accessed by any common citizen on According to the list put the official website, President owns a farmhouse in Amravati district of Maharashtra, and two agricultural plots. Among movable assets, President has listed market investments and her bank balance.
President of the country has 1,750 gm of gold jewellery worth and 1,350 gm of silver articles and utensils.

The President has a house in Amravati district of Maharashtra worth Rs 39.60 lakh and a 3.82 hectares farm house worth Rs 9.82 lakh. She has inherited 3.57 hectares agricultural land worth Rs 7.81 lakh from her father in Jalgaon and another land worth Rs 20 lakh in Dhule district.

Patil had purchased two agricultural plots of 1.19 hectares and 1.49 hectares in Jalgaon district in 1997-98 worth Rs 3.64 lakh and Rs 2.90 lakh respectively.

For immovable properties, the President has primarily relied on traditional modes of investment like fixed deposits, PPF, gold and bonds of infrastructure companies.

She has fixed deposits in various banks worth Rs 68.80 lakh, investment worth Rs 29 lakh in Rural Electrification Corporation Limited bonds, Rs 4.71 lakh in Post Office Savings Scheme and Rs 12.60 lakh in Public Provident Fund of the State Bank of India, according to the property statement of March 31, 2011. She has gold jewellery worth Rs 31 lakh and silver articles worth Rs 69,134 as well as Rs 16.33 lakh in her savings bank accounts, besides Rs 1.87 lakh cash in hand.