Govt keen to keep Anna away from media glare

Govt keen to keep Anna away from media glare

Govt keen to keep Anna away from media glare

The battle for Jantar Mantar is on. The government is attempting to send Hazare to a remote outskirt of Delhi to sit on his indefinite fast from August 16, so that the event does not attract the attention of MPs and media.

The government, meanwhile, is  trying to dissuade Team Anna from going on an indefinite fast at Jantar Mantar. The police argue that since many organisations come to protest at the site,  a single organisation cannot be allowed to occupy the area for days together. 
The police have suggested changing the fasting venue on the outskirts of the national capital if the Team wanted the fast to go on for more than one day. The police have also told them that not more than 2000 people can gather at Jantar Mantar.

Keeping in view the coming Monsoon sessionof Parliament begining August 1, the administration has imposed Section 144 in New Delhi district, except in Jantar Mantar Road, where protesters would be allowed to demonstrate.

So, according to the police, the permission for indefinite fast could be given for a place outside Jantar Mantar. The police have suggested Burari grounds in  north Delhi district, far way from the main city, as the venue for the indefinite fast.

But the Team Anna is in no mood to relent. “If police do not allow us, we will go for civil disobedience,” said  Manis Sisodia, a senor member of the Team. He also indicated that the Team  might go to the court on the issue. Meanwhile,  Team Anna is trying to mobilise students in a big way. “We are planning to involve students in a big way,” an anti-graft activist told Deccan Herald.

According to sources, the anti-graft activists have decided to visit different colleges in the national capital and organise meetings to galvanise support for the fast. Anna’s fast in April had attracted spontaneous support from students.

The anti-graft mobilisation has been receiving good support on modern networking tools as well. The support has largely come from youth. The program of collecting missed calls in support of the Jan Lokpal Bill has also been a huge success. The Team claims to have received 84 lakhs missed calls till July 14. They have also started an online referendum on Jan Lokpal Bill.