"Russian Obama" to run for office on the Volga

"Russian Obama" to run for office on the Volga

African-born farmer Vasily Crima, 37, from Guinea Bissau runs a watermelon business and plans to head the local district to fight corruption and develop the area. The locals often call him "Russian Obama".

Crima said he was inspired by Obama's victory.

"The fact that an Afro-American won the election and became the US president influenced my decision to accomplish the same thing in Russia, however I would like to begin from 'district president'," Crima told reporters. Srednyaya Aktuba district has a population of 55,000.

"I like Obama as a person and as a politician because he proved to the world what everyone thought was impossible. I think I can learn some things from him," Crima told the Associated Press that is shooting a documentary about the Russian black man.

"If I win, I will toil like a Negro for the sake of ordinary people," he promised.

The election of Srednyaya Akhtuba district head is scheduled for October 11. Crima is well-known in Srednyaya Akhtuba, however local officials believe he has little chance to win.