Grace personified in movements

Dance recital

poised Subhashini Vasanth

The show was organised by the ICCR in collaboration with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan as a part of the Under Horizon Series.

The first performance of the evening was a composition from the Tanjore Quartet which was in eight ragas. In the first half of the performance, the nayika longs for Shiva, she yearns for him and calls out to him declaring her love for him.

But in the second half, the nayika goes on to gain self-confidence and becomes full of herself.

Subhashini depicted the nayika’s yearnings and later self-confidence and strength clearly through her movements and dance.

The gentle composition portrayed the nayika’s character beautifully. The dancer’s grace and skill at the art helped showcase the composition perfectly.

The second performance, Nanoru Vilayattu Bommaya was a beautiful short piece about a soul crying out to the goddess. The composition was in Kannada and adi tala, where the soul questions the Devi if she is just meant to be a puppet with a form and figure and nothing else. Subhashini, through her dance, played the puppeteer and the puppet with effortless grace and kept the audience mesmerised with her performance.

The third composition, Shree Ramachandrakrupalubhajman was a bhajan composed by Tulsidas. Subhashini danced to this lovely piece showcasing her immense skill and expertise in the dance form.

The audience was amazed by her graceful movements as she danced around the stage.
The last composition was a thillana in raga Brindavani composed by Dr Balamurali Krishna.

Here the dancer gracefully performed to the piece sung melodiously by singer Vasudha Balakrishna.

The dancer then ended the show by dancing to Vande Mataram as a tribute to the 64th Independence Day.Dancer Subhashini Vasanth said, “This performance is special for me as it was the 20th anniversary of my arangretram performance. Preparations for this show started a month and a half ago and we followed a traditional repertoire pattern. I feel extremely lucky and privileged to perform here today.”

The dancer was accompanied by Vasudha Balakrishna (vocals), Praveen
Kumar (nattuvangam), Madhura (flute), Lingaraju (mridanga) and Revathy Moorthy (veena).

Meera, a member of the audience said, “Subhashini Vasanth danced beautifully and portrayed great skill and grace. It was lovely to see her perform today.”

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