People whom you thought were for you suddenly appear to be not for you but against you. You are nonplussed and at the end of your wits to make out what it is all about.
What wrong have you done? Your conscience tells you that you have not done wrong but intended the good of all but then why this skulduggery that goes on? Is there anything to be wondered at this type of behaviour? I would not in the least be surprised because the persons we deal with are human beings and the human being is not perfect.

He is only a creature and not the creator. Only God alone is perfect. Once a rich young man came to Jesus and asked him: “Good Teacher what must I do to inherit eternal life?”
And Jesus said to him: “Why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone?” (Mark 10.17b-18).

Man is a fallen human being; he is subject to imbalanced behaviour due to the passions he had roused up by his very first consciously committed sin.

The consequence of this in each human being who has made such a conscious choice is an imbalance which seems to encourage him to further wrong doing.

He goes on adding to this throughout his life and the force of sin and inclination to sin increases many fold. Due to this, desire to acquire power position more and more of it and a desire to control others takes hold of this sinful, fallen human being. And so there is no hesitation in engaging in skulduggery; all I want is my interests; it may be my friend or foe but what does it matter. I am interested only in coming up in my life. I must be recognized. What do we do when we come across such people?

Should we take a side track and just ignore or take it to heart and feel sad or depressed. It is much better to just to safeguard ourselves from this unexpected attack which should not really surprise us because we have correct perception about the fallen human being. We can only hope and pray that better advice prevails with this besotted person’s wrapped perceptions and he leaves us alone to pursue our way in peace!

The problem gets multiplied when many get taken in by the gullible arguments of this person engaging in skulduggery. We may find that it goes on multiplying day in and day out and be a nagging pain in our side.

It becomes so only if we allow it to be so but if we carry on our way we would be peaceful.

Once the Pharisees told Jesus to go away from that place since Herod was trying to kill him but Jesus would not; he told them to tell that fox that he would continue his work there; cf. Luke 13.32. So have courage my friend if you are caught in similar situations!

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