A season of brotherhood, peace

A season of brotherhood, peace


A season of brotherhood, peace

It is festive season of the year again and people of the heritage city are looking forward for a gala celebrations at the end of the month with Gowri festival and Ramzan falling on the same day on August 31 and Ganesha on September 1. 

It is again the right time to prove communal harmony to the world and proclaim, ‘Hindu-Musalman bhai-bhai’, and be proud to be an Indian.

It was Varamahalakshmi vrath which marked the beginning of festivals, that is celebrated to invoke the goddess of prosperity - Lakshmi, it is continued with a week-long celebrations of Sri Krishna Janmashtami, Gowri festival on August 31 and Ganesha on September 1.

Sacred month
The month is also considered sacred for our Muslim brethren as they observe month-long fasting (Roza), during the holy month of Ramzan which is celebrated this year on August 31 as Id-ul-fitr.

While Sangeetha sabhas are holding a variety of music programmes as part of Sri Krishna Janmashtami, with both local talents and experts participating, associations are conducting Sri Krishna fancy dress competition in city.

There is a sudden demand for Krishna costumes and it is a visual treat to watch the tiny tots dressed as Krishnas and Radhas walking the ramp with flutes in their hands and searching for their respective mothers in the crowd.

It is also the time, where sound systems at Ganesha temples and pendals blaring Gajamugane Ganapathiye Ninage Vandane... and Minarets sermonising the people of the community telling them how they should behave in order to be better people and the importance of Eid, resonate.

But, it is the youth of both communities, who are a disappointed lot this year, as they would be missing the opportunity of visiting the houses for savouring the mouth-watering biriyani and kadubu, sundal and kheer as the festivals fall on the same day.
While, hectic preparations are on for welcoming the Lord to their household and pandals erected to install a huge idol by the youth of every area, it is also seen as uniting the young minds, who are busy in their chores the whole year.

The idols of Gowri and huge Ganeshas are seen dotting the main roads since a month, with the artisans giving an ethnic touch to their creativity, bringing out different forms of the Lord to attract the buyers.

While it was world cup and lord Ganesha that attracted the devotees last year, it is Ganesha handing over the Lokpal bill to Anna Hazare, this year.

One of the artisans lamented that though the district administration has been stressing to buy clay idols, there are still people demanding colourful huge ganesha idols made of plaster of paris which is usually transported from Maharashtra.

The people of Muslim community, irrespective of gender and age are on a month-long fast in the holy month of Ramzan with religious fervour.

The aroma of various eatables wafting through the air, the blinking LED lights on hundreds of shops and the buzzing activitiy on the Sawdey road indicates that it is the time to break the dawn-to-dusk fasting.

Shopping at Meena Bazar and Zum Zum bazar during the month of Ramzan is a pleasure for those who are shopoholics. Right from hairpins, attractive slippers, garments, jewellery, you name it, it is available here. The night-long shopping begins after the 15th roza, says one of the shopkeeper here. It is a favourite shopping spot not only for the Muslim community, but most of the Hindus too throng the place enjoying the whiff of samosas and sweets.

Push carts selling fruit juices, and crushed ice fixed on a stick available in various flavours like cola, orange, mango, kala khatta and many more attract kids who can be seen enjoying them despite the cold weather and quenching the thirst.

Though the prices of flowers, vegetables and fruits are marked high as usual during the festival time, the withdrawal of the truckers stir has come as a good news to the homemakers who were worried about the huge rise in prices of essential commodities, this festival.

Police have certain guidelines for the consecration of the idol in public.

Norms for fest
The Offices of Commissioner and Superintendent of Police have issued a press release citing few norms to be folllowed to obtain permission from the respective jurisdictional police stations to consecrate Ganesha Idol as part of the festival, in public. The release further added that the sound system is prohibited between 10 pm and 6 am and those who violate the same will be booked under Environment Conservation Act.

Most importantly, the organisers should not collect any donation by exerting any force for the programmes.So, folks share your sweets and get ready to say ‘Eid Mubarak’ and bring home Ganesha for prosperity and peace.