Nato jets hit Gadhafi's hometown

Hunt for elusive leader continues

The airstrikes came a day after fierce clashes erupted in the Libyan capital, which remained tense as rebels hunted for the elusive leader and his allies, detaining suspected loyalists and raising concerns about human rights violations.

Rebels were searching on Friday for the remnants of pro-Gadhafi forces in Tripoli’s Abu Salim neighbourhood, which saw very heavy fighting the day before. The rebels had detained seven men and one woman and loaded them into a pickup truck in a rural area between Abu Salim and the airport, saying Gadhafi forces might be trying to blend in with civilians.

“Things are still not stable and we are arresting anybody we find suspicious and taking them to the military council,” said field commander Fathi Shneibi.

Meanwhile, at a clinic attached to an Abu Salim fire station, injured men believed to be Gadhafi supporters or fighters were left moaning and calling for water. Curious neighbourhood men climbed the stairs to look at them, but none offered help.

One of the wounded said he was from Niger and denied any links to Gadhafi. Asked why he was in Libya, he said, “I really don’t know.”

Signs also emerged that the situation can turn far worse.
Dozens of decomposing bodies were piled up in an abandoned Abu Salim hospital, a grim testament to the chaos roiling the capital. It was not clear when the men had been killed. The floors were covered with shattered glass and bloodstains, and medical equipment was strewn about.

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