Anglo-Indians to get govt benefits

Anglo-Indians to get govt benefits

Addressing the gathering on Saturday, Anglo-Indian nominated MLA Derrick Fullinfaw said, “The Anglo-Indian community reflect the spirit of sincerity, integrity and sharing.”

Fullinfaw told members of the community that “The State Government has announced a special reservation of three seats for the Anglo-Indian community in the field of Veterinary Sciences and also increased the fee reimbursement from Rs 3000 to Rs 5000 for Anglo-Indians.”

He noted with disappointment that every community in the State has a community hall of its own but the Anglo-Indian community does not have one and so mooted the idea of proposing the construction of a Community Hall with 50 lakhs sanction from the Government.

“Footballers Carlton Chapman and Noel Wilson have done the country proud and so we must work towards them getting a BDA site as there is provision for the same by the Government for those who contribute in the field of sports”.  

Numbers matter

Former member of Parliament for the Anglo-Indian Community, Joss Fernandes said “In democracy, it is numbers that matter.  Though we are a microscopic community that has contributed tremendously to the nation. There is a danger of us being overshadowed because we have not come together to seek our constitutional rights.”

Anglo-Indian students who excelled in academics were honoured and given gifts and cash prizes.