Amy Winehouse paid 150 pound to kiss ex-husband

Amy Winehouse paid 150 pound to kiss ex-husband

Winehouse, aged 27, was found dead at her home under mysterious circumstances. She was married to Civil for two years before they divorced in 2009.

He has been slammed for introducing the star to drugs and friends say he used her obsession with him to get money to buy cocaine and heroin, Sun Online reported.

"He'd charge her 150 pound just to kiss him and get near him. They'd be sitting, having a couple of drinks and she'd be trying to snuggle up to him. She'd say, Give me a kiss, sailor and he'd do, get away, Give me some money then'. He liked her but he didn't love her.

She'd pay for him to get cabs to wherever she was. This was the pattern throughout their relationship," a source said.

Civil is currently serving a 32-month prison sentence for burglary and possession of an imitation firearm.

"He gets stick in jail because he is Amy's ex. He is in a dark place, feeling sorry for himself. He talked about how much he did for her, buying a dozen bouquets on their first anniversary - one for each month they'd be married. He is trying to justify his behaviour.
He's trying to convince himself he was a good husband," the source added.